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Clean energy options

Want to support clean energy use? New Jersey residents who use the two main energy providers, PSE&G and Jersey Central Power and Light, can now specify that more of their energy be obtained from renewable sources. Anyone who chooses this option can expect to see a monthly increase of about $12 per month. So why do it? Because clean energy safeguards our health through reduced pollution and no risk of environmental disasters, preserves areas of the earth that would otherwise be damaged by drilling or mining, and will become more competitive in price if customers encourage power companies to invest in the necessary research and infrastructure. Go to for details.

Places to visit

Thrift shops, consignment shops, and purchasers of used equipment:

Recycling centers

You should never put electronics equipment or other hazardous waste in the garbage - it is illegal to do so because of the high toxicity of these items. You can dispose of them at recycling events or private recycling companies.

Recycling Other Items

Local environmental organizations

Have local environmental concerns? The following are branches of state or national environmental organizations that are dedicated to protecting national resources and reducing pollution.

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